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The fsj – Freiwlliges Soziales Jahr

FSJ Germany – Do you have the desire to live in Germany? There are many ways you can do to get to Germany.

Apart from studying or working in Germany, you can go to Germany with Aupair, Ausbildung, or FSJ Germany.

Well, this time we will discuss about what the German FSJ is and the conditions for participating in the FSJ program in Germany. Check out complete information about the German FSJ below.

What is the German FSJ?

FSJ stands for Freiwlliges Soziales Jahr, which in Indonesian means social work. FSJ is a volunteer work in the social sector in Germany.

The German FSJ program can not only be attended by young Germans, but also young men or women from outside Germany, including youths or women from Indonesia. If you want to experience the atmosphere and work culture in Germany, you can join the FSJ program in Germany.

German FSJ usually lasts for 1 year. In general, there are many fields available for the German FSJ program. However, most of the German FSJ programs available to youth outside Germany are in the field of nursing homes and places for children with disabilities.

The FSJ’s work area in Germany can include in kindergartens, in hospitals or elderly care centres. The pocket money you get when you join the FSJ program in Germany is around 300 – 500 Euros. Placement rules and regulations, including location, hours of work, and remuneration or allowances may vary. This is regulated by the company (Trager) where you do your FSJ in Germany.

For young people outside Germany who are interested in joining this program, they must have a visa. The visa required for the FSJ in Germany falls into the category of a worker visa with a validity period of 1 year.

German FSJ participants who come from outside Germany, must bear their own costs to pay for visas and air tickets to go to Germany.

This program grants its participants legal status comparable to those doing a German Ausbildung or internship in Germany. This program can be your stepping stone to work in Germany.

Generally, the requirement to work in Germany is to have Ausbildung experience before becoming a permanent employee in Germany. Meanwhile, to take part in Ausbildung or internship in Germany, you must have 1 year experience in the field you want to join for Ausbildung.

Well, with this German FSJ program you can get 1 year of experience that can support you to take part in Ausbildung in Germany.

Job Field’s

  • Kindergarten’s
  • Hospital’s
  • Elderly care


In general, the requirements to join the German FSJ program include being 18 – 27 years old, single or unmarried, having a German language certificate at least A1 level but it is recommended that you have a B1 level certificate, and have experience as a volunteer in the social field for at least 3 months.

  • You must have a valid passport
  • Write a motivation letter in German
  • Complete the required documents such as the latest diploma and CV translated into German
  • Have an internship certificate translated in English
  • Attach photos – photos of documentation during the previous internship

Job Detail’s

Placement rules and regulations, including location, hours of work, and remuneration or allowances may vary. This is regulated by the company (Trager) where you do your FSJ in Germany.

  • 40 work hours per Week
  • 5 Days per Week

Pocket money – Monthly

  • 300 – 500


  1. German language lessons A1, A2, B1 ( Goethe Institute or TELC )
  2. Translate the document to a sworn German translator
  3. FSJ application document management
  4. Consultation making visas and appointments at the German embassy
  5. Management of visa application document’s
  6. One way Flight Ticket to Germany

Is not an ending of my goal but as a start

Come to Germany is not an ending of my goal but as a start. My mind has become more open as well as my insight. However, of course everything takes time, determination, effort and patience.
Muhamad Ihsanudin Albasyir
Bamberg, Bayern
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Freiwillige Soziale Jahr

Don’t dream of being successful, but doing something that will make you success. Germany is where I can value time and get to know myself better (Zeit ist Geld)
Fuzzi Indah Yani

Feel Safe

SHB team are amazing consultants. Always following up with their candidates and very helpful when comes to stand out for a particular job. I enjoyed my experience with SHB.
kadek Dwikartika
Verified √

A wonderful Consulate

SHB Personnel is a wonderful recruitment agency and their employee Mrs. Enik is a very professional, nice and friendly person and it is a pleasure to talk to her. I felt very much appreciated and she seems very interested in getting to know my professional background.
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Very transparent

Very good experience. My recruiter,They are was very transparent, helpful and considerate during the whole process.
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