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Are you looking for a professional worker or are you looking for a suitable job for your career?
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SHB is not only one of the providers of job vacancies, but we also help you provide original stamped documents from the embassy and endorsement from the labor service in your destination country, so you can apply for a work visa at the embassy of the destination country in your country.

What Document do we offer?

For job seeker’s

To apply for a work visa abroad you are required to attach the following letter:

  2. REQUEST FOR WORK VISA APPLY TO CONSULT OF Destination country IN your country
  3. LETTER OF ACCOMMODATION – Where to live
  4. LETTER OF GUARANTEE – Guarantor or inviter
  5. WORK PERMIT – Minimum for 1 year – Renewable
  6. INSURANCE – assigns the insurance company responsibility for an insurance amount of at least 30 000 EUR

For Study or Internship

To apply for a Study visa abroad you are required to attach the following letter:

  3. LETTER OF OFFER (LOO) – From School or University
  5. GTE
  6. COE – For Australia
  7. STUDENT VISA ( in special Request)

Trust in the excellent service of our personnel

Our experts who have more than 5 years of experience and have cooperation branches all over the world provide you with services that are easy to reach. Our team will advise and guide you in a solution-oriented manner and with industry knowledge to match your abilities.

Feel free to contact us – we look forward to introducing you personally to our portfolio of services.

Who are we and why should we work together?

SHB was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Indonesia, SHB specializes in personnel management for companies and job management as well as for job applicants. With more than 171 branches in Southeast Asia, SHB is one of the leading personnel service providers in Southeast Asia and partners with major companies worldwide. Our company offers innovative solutions for businesses as well as people who need the support of job seekers.

Our hope!

  • This competency is a solution to suppress the increasing number of unemployed in Southeast Asia.
  • And also help the younger generation to get a better work experience to compete with other developed countries.
  • make it easier for our generation to achieve their goals in the career fields that they hope for.
  • Improve the performance of the world standard ethos, to build the country of origin.
  • develop human resources to grow a better economy
  • and many others.

Our Partners

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