Internships in UK

Our premium service offers an opportunity to students and graduates for Internships in the United Kingdom, offering a personal, customised solution. We take care of the whole process, and upon acceptance of the request, we commit to arrange an internship with the required conditions.

Full-time Job
ca 1500 $
8 Hours per day
Over Time available

Job Field

  • Business Management
  • IT/Graphic Design
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Education Internship


  • We accept university students or students that have graduated within a maximum of 3 years from date of application.
  • Any age
  • Any Nationality

Stipend / Salary

Range from 800€ to 1500€ per month, depending on your CV, requirements and field of the placement. The internship placement company guarantee at least 800€ per month.

Placement Fee’s

  1. First Payment: 1500 USD$ Registration fees, to be paid after completing a Skype call with the internship placement company.
  2. Second Payment: Placement fee, to be paid at the at the time of signing the internship agreement.
  3. Durations of 3 to 9 months placement: 3000 USD $
    Instalment 1 : 1500$
    Instalment 2 : 1500 $

Not Covered

  • Accommodation, however accommodation assistance is available if required
  • Flights
  • Embassy fee

Step by Step Information

  1. The Internship Placement company requires a phone call + Skype meeting with you the candidate so all the conditions are clear.
  2. After the call and Skype meeting the internship placement company requires the registration fee to be paid (1500 USD)
  3. At the time of signing the internship agreement, the internship placement company will charge the second payment.


  • Skype or Telephone
  • Placement Time

Placement for candidates usually takes 3/4 months, however due to COVID-19, there is a delay in the process and on average now placement time is 5/6 months.

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