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Internships in UK

Our premium service offers an opportunity to students and graduates for Internships in Spain and other European counties including the United Kingdom, offering a personal, customised solution.

We take care of the whole process, and upon acceptance of the request, we commit to arrange an internship with your required conditions.

Job Field

  • Marketing & Business
  • Education Internship


  • We accept university students or students that have graduated within a maximum of 3 years from date of application.
  • Any age
  • Any nationality

Job Details

  • 40 work hours per Week
  • 5 Days per Week

Pocket Money – Month

  • 850 – 1500


  1. To start our search we require you to pay a deposit that is refundable in case we do not find a suitable internship for you.
  2. Once we receive your deposit, one of our agents will personally take care of your application. Once we have an internship fitting your requirements, we will set up the interview.
  3. When the internship is arranged based on your requirements mentioned in this agreement and you have received an internship offer letter, you will need to pay the second instalment of the fee.
  4. Internship duration: 3 to 9 Months

Create my network to leverage my career

I chose to complete an internship because, after two years of working in Brazil, I decided to study in Spain, and I knew that an internship would be an opportunity to experience and better understand the job market here. This work experience was the best way for me to learn new skills and create my network to leverage my career.
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Don’t give up!

I’m originally from the US and have been interning for about 6 months on a Marketing Team. I love the relaxed lifestyle that Australian’s have and hope to bring that with me no matter where I’m living.
Don’t give up! It can be hard to get into the industry you want, especially in another country. If you put your all into your work and are continuously trying to improve your skills and knowledge, there is no doubt that you will meet your goals in no time!
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I wanted to experience

“I chose to do my internship because I wanted to experience a different culture and work with people in a different country. My host company is a distribution company for baby products which is really different and interesting to learn about. I love everything in my internship! The people are really nice, and I am learning a lot of new skills like how to use excel, how to manage orders and the website and different things about product marketing.
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