Nurse – Germany

Klinik in Germany

Recruitment of nurses, midwives, interns, MTRA, MTLA, pharmacists, and trainees in India, the Philippines, Tunisia, Indonesia, and other Asian countries

The WHO-compliant procedure, ie applicants do not have to pay any placement fees. Preparation and support of the recognition process together with our cooperation partners. Socio-cultural preparation for deployment in Germany. Contact person for nurses and customer companies in the event of queries and problems within the first year

Full-time Job
2700€ – 4000€
40 Hours per Week
Overtime available

Job Field

  • ICU / Emergency Room
  • Klinik Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Interns
  • Pharmacists
  • General care
  • Intensive care
  • Mental / Psychiatric
  • Geriatric
  • Surgical
  • [Hemo] dialysis


  • Fill up our CV and Intake Form
  • German speaking (B-1 or higher) Certification not more than 1 year
  • Preferred below the age of 40 years old
  • Experience & no experience
  • Certification of Nurse active
  • Certification of Diploma 3/4 & Batchelor Nurse

Salary per month

  • 2.325-2.635 € per Month for Integration, recognition course, knowledge test, guarantee phase
  • Starting salary 2.325-2.635 euro per month but this can grow to 4.057 euro per month after past the Test
  • Salary paid Monthly
  • Taxback ( Refund ) after finishing the contract, The average German rebate is €1,020.

We Provide

  1. Pick up Transport
  2. Work permit
  3. Insurance
  4. German course
  5. Work Visa
  6. E- ticket

First-class education

  • We not only pay for language training up to B2 level but also partially cover the cost of living during the language courses (depending on the recruitment method).
  • As a result, applicants can be trained faster and better, as they do not have to work continuously in parallel
  • Faster training and a higher success rate in achieving the B2 language level
  • Use of native speakers in language training (keyword phonetics)
  • Course sizes of a maximum of 20 people

Book your Interview Schedule

Skype, Zoom, or phone interviews are available

Tips Interview

  1. What do you need to prepare

    a. Prepare your internet connection
    b. Choose a quiet place so you can be more comfortable and focus
    c. Pay attention to your appearance, be polite and attractive (using a white shirt or nurse uniform)

  2. Document

    a. Ready your best cv
    b. Prepare
    1. Photo
    2. Passport
    3. License
    4. Police Clearance
    5. School certificates/Training/work experience in PDF copy
    (the more certificates attached, the better)
    c. Give us at least 2 references where you work

  3. Introduce yourself

    a. Introduce yourself to our team politely and friendly
    b. Tell us about your work experience as much as possible
    c. Describe your current life situation (this information is not for publication)
    d. Tell our team your motivation

  4. Question and answer

    a. Answer our team’s questions correctly and easy to understand (don’t use language that you don’t understand )
    b. Ask your question casually
    c. Don’t be too nervous during our interview

  5. Interview topic

    a. We will take the interview topic from your CV form and intake the more details you write, the more interesting it will be for us

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