SHB and partners have experience in the field of manpower recruitment and have long experience in selecting popular work fields for career advancement now and in the future.

We unite with various work partners as well as major companies in Asia and Europe as well as around the world to exchange skilled workers. with the aim of increasing knowledge and experience between one country and another, so that in each country will get a balance in human resources.

Not only that, our mission is to reduce unemployment and reduce unskilled labor. Because the world’s economic growth is currently quite competitive, every developed country must have a skilled workforce in all fields.

By holding skills training and foreign language learning in accordance with the destination country, the workers we send for work, internships, or those who want to study abroad are determined and equipped with knowledge and skills.

so that when you set foot abroad you are mentally prepared so you will no longer feel foreign and lonely.

Therefore, we open a job-training field that is ethical and in accordance with the career that you desire for your future. Our training center has successfully trained more than thousands of workers to develop careers abroad.

Don’t hesitate to join us! we will guide you from registration

  • foreign language training
  • work training
  • job placement search
  • preparing the legality of working abroad
  • work permit
  • insurance
  • work visa, internship, or study
  • schedule flight tickets
  • to prepare everything until it reaches its destination.

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