Process flow

  1. Choose your Job !

    select the job you want on the Job Offer page.

  2. Fill in the registration form upload your CV in word “does not accept PDF”

    select the Register Form Page

  3. Work Permit

    if the company has accepted you, we will help you to process a work permit in accordance with the regulations of the destination country.
    Please note : work permit will be charge

  4. Wait for email reply

    We will reply to your email for information on the acceptance or cancellation of your application.

  5. Recruitment of new employees

    We will soon inform you of the interview schedule

  6. Visa

    After you get a work permit document, you can prepare to apply for a work visa at Embessy (destination country) in your country of residence.

  7. Departure

    before you decide to buy a flight ticket, please discuss with us first. for pick up and work arrangements for you.

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