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Have you worked in Australia? Don’t forget to claim your tax refund!

If you have worked in Australia as a non-resident – either full or part-time – it is very likely that you will be entitled to claim a tax refund.

Sinar Harapan Bangsa has partnered with to help you claim your Australian tax refund easily online.

The average Australian tax refund is €2,600, so why leave your hard-earned money with the Australian taxman?

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Here’s everything you need to know to claim your tax back.

In 2017, the Australian government introduced a new tax that directly targeted the thousands of young workers that enter the country each year on working holiday (417 or 462) visas.

As a result of the new Backpacker Tax, working holidaymakers were taxed at a higher rate than Australian residents.

In the coming days, the Australian High Court will determine whether or not the Backpacker Tax can continue to be applied to working holidaymakers.

Should the court rule that the tax is invalid, this will undoubtedly be positive news for the many backpackers who have visited Australia in recent years.

In fact, thousands of backpackers who have worked in Australia since 2017 would likely be entitled to significant tax refunds.

To keep you updated on the latest developments with the Backpacker Tax, we have prepared the attached guide which includes everything you need to know.

Should you have any questions about the Backpacker Tax, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do I need to file a tax return?

You must file an Australian tax return if any of the following applies to you: 

  • You are considered an Australian resident for tax purposes and your taxable income was above the tax-free threshold of $18,200
  • Tax was deducted from any payments like your wages that you received during the tax year
  • You are a non-resident and earned over $1 in Australia during the tax year
  • You are leaving Australia permanently or for more than one financial year

You do not have to file an Australian tax return if you are a non-resident and your only Australian-sourced income was interest, dividends, or royalties from which non-resident withholding tax has been correctly withheld.

Remember, it is very common for backpackers and working holidaymakers in Australia to overpay on their tax bills. 

With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to file your taxes so that you can check whether or not you are due any tax back. 

By filing your taxes, you can claim any tax deductions or reliefs you are entitled to which can maximize your tax refund!

Who can claim a tax refund in Australia?

A lot of workers in Australia overpay tax and as a result, are due to a tax refund. 

There are countless reasons that you could be due an Australian tax refund. 

If you’re a non-resident, you can only claim a tax refund if you have been in Australia for more than six months. 

However, if you have been subject to paying emergency tax during your time in Australia, you are entitled to claim this back regardless of your length of stay. 

The average Australian tax refund is $2,600, so it is definitely worth checking what you’re owed!

What’s more, when you apply with, you can get a free estimation of how much you are due.

Can international students claim a tax refund in Australia?

International students who earn an income while studying in Australia are required to file a tax return at the end of a financial year. 

The good news is that many international students are entitled to a tax refund!

To claim your international student tax refund, all you have to do is file an Australian tax return. 

How do I claim my Australian tax refund?

You can claim your tax refund by filing an Australian tax return. 

While you can file directly with the Australian tax authorities, Sinar Harapan Bangsa has partnered with to help you claim your tax back the easy way!

Their team of Australian tax experts will take care of all the paperwork so that you don’t have to.

What’s more, when you apply with, you are guaranteed to receive your maximum tax refund!

You can still apply with even if you have already left Australia – will transfer your refund into your bank account anywhere in the world.

It only takes a couple of minutes to apply with In fact, all you need to do is complete the short form here.

What do I need in order to file my tax return?

When you sit down to file your tax return, be sure to have the below documents close by.

  1. A copy of your photo identification
  2. Pay-slips – your final pay-slip is the most important
  3. All PAYG summaries from your employment
  4. Your TFN and the TFN of any family member you’re applying for
  5. Proof of Australian address – examples include bank statements, TFN statement, Lease Agreement, Gym Membership, Phone or Utility Bill
  6. Work-related expense receipts – e.g. for Uniform, Work Courses, Tools/Equipment or Car/ transport

When is the Australian tax deadline?

The deadline to file your tax return is October 31. Taxpayers in Australia have from 1 July to file their tax return!

We recommend filing your tax return as early as possible. The sooner you file the sooner you could receive your tax refund!

It is important to file your return before the tax deadline if you file late you could face penalties from the Commissioner of Taxation. 

The penalty is $170 for every 28-day period that your tax return remains outstanding up to the maximum value of $550.

I am paying superannuation contributions but I am planning on leaving Australia. Can I claim a superannuation refund?

Once you leave Australia, you can claim back a superannuation refund. 

Superannuation funds often referred to as ‘super funds, are a type of long-term savings plan designed to help Australian people in retirement. can help you to claim your Superannuation refund.

Their average Superannuation refund is $1,908, so it is definitely worth checking what you are owed. 

In order to apply, simply complete the short form here.

Where can I learn more about claiming my Australian tax refund?

To learn more about claiming an Australian tax refund, be sure to check out the blog.

Here you will find many insightful posts providing some useful tips and advice about Australian tax refunds. 

I have worked in many countries overseas. Who can help me with my taxes?

If you have worked abroad, can help you to claim your tax refund.

The tax experts offer tax refund services in 11 countries, including:

When you apply with, their tax team will handle all of the tricky tax paperwork and ensure you receive your maximum refund.

Plus, if you have already returned to your home country, can transfer your money into your bank account anywhere around the world.

To find out how much tax back you can claim, simply complete the short form here. 

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