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Claiming your tax refund as a non-resident in Denmark

Every worker in Denmark receives a Notice of Assessment (Arsopgørelse) from the Danish tax office each March.

Many non-resident workers in Denmark are entitled to claim a tax refund. In order to claim your tax refund, you must review your assessment with the tax office and apply for the additional credits and reliefs you are due.

The average Danish tax refund is €1,200. So it’s definitely worth checking how much you could be due.

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Here’s everything you need to know to claim your tax back.

Do you have to pay taxes when you move to Denmark?


Danish citizens and tax residents are taxed on their worldwide earnings. Meanwhile, non-residents are only taxed on income earned in Denmark.

You will be considered a resident for tax purposes if you stay in Denmark for a consecutive period exceeding 6 months.

Usually, the tax rates in Denmark are the same for residents and non-residents and range from 8 – 55%. Exactly how much tax you pay will depend on your earnings.

The good news is that, if you worked in Denmark, you’ve most probably overpaid taxes and you can claim a tax refund! (More on this below)

I am a non-resident. Do I need to file a tax return in Denmark?

Individuals who are non-residents in Denmark but have a Danish source income must file a Danish tax return.

As a non-resident, you must complete and submit it to the tax authorities online by 1 July. 

Who can claim a tax refund in Denmark?

Did you know that anyone who has worked in Denmark in the last three years is eligible to apply for a Danish tax refund?

You may be due a tax refund in Denmark if:

  • You were employed on a short-term contract in Denmark
  • You paid for food and accommodation in Denmark
  • You kept your residence in your home country while working in Denmark 

A tax refund can also be claimed in the event of double taxation, which could occur when a person is a citizen of one nation but earns money in another.

All of these factors can minimize your tax liability in Denmark. The tax experts from will thoroughly review your personal circumstances to ensure you receive the maximum tax refund from Denmark.

You can use their free online Danish tax refund calculator to find out how much you are owed. 

The average customer claims a Danish tax refund of €1,200. As you can see, there’s nothing to lose by applying with them and potentially a lot to gain!

When is the Danish tax deadline?

The deadline for filing your tax return in Denmark is usually 1 May each year.

What are the tax allowances and deductions in Denmark?

Certain deductions may be available to you, depending on your personal circumstances.

The tax experts at can assess and determine which allowances and deductions are applicable in your situation. 

What are Danish holiday money (Feriepenge) refunds?

When you work for a Danish employer, you will automatically be entitled to vacation pay. It can be paid when you go on vacation the following year.

If you leave the country before the start of the holidays, your money will be managed by the Danish National Fund for Holiday Pay (FerieKonto).

Who can help me file my Danish tax return and receive my tax refund?


They will handle all of the Danish tax paperwork so that you don’t have to. They will even transfer your maximum refund straight to your bank account.

I have worked in many countries overseas. Who can help me with my taxes?

If you have worked abroad, can help you to claim your tax refund.

The tax experts offer tax refund services in 11 countries, including:

When you apply with, their tax team will handle all of the tricky tax paperwork and ensure you receive your maximum refund.

Plus, if you have already returned to your home country, can transfer your money to your bank account anywhere in the world.

To find out how much tax back you can claim, simply complete the short form here. 

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