Tax refund

Don’t forget to claim your tax refund!

Every year, thousands of workers miss out on claiming their tax refund.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Many people pay too much tax because they don’t understand their entitlements. Our ISO 9001 certified team of tax experts is dedicated to helping you file fully compliant returns and ensuring you claim back any overpaid tax, guaranteeing peace of mind and more money in your pocket.

No one should overpay tax!

With 20+ years of experience and over 1 million taxes filed, our team will respond to your queries promptly with the same professionalism and integrity we use to do your taxes.

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Sinar Harapan Bangsa have partnered with to help you claim your tax refund easily online.

I have worked in many countries overseas. Who can help me with my taxes?

If you have worked abroad, can help you to claim your tax refund.

The tax experts offer tax refund services in 12 countries, including:

When you apply with, their tax team will handle all of the tricky tax paperwork and ensure you receive your maximum refund.

Plus, if you have already returned to your home country, can transfer your money to your bank account anywhere in the world.

To find out how much tax back you can claim, simply complete the short form here. 


  • Your maximum tax refund guaranteed
  • Simple online process – no complicated forms
  • A dedicated Personal Account Manager guides you through the process
  • Refund delivered to your bank account anywhere in the world
  • 24/7 Live Chat tax support

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