Value Package – Our all-inclusive offer!

We offer you the best option for an easy start in Germany!

The combination of Blocked Account and health insurance bundle (Incoming Insurance and Private or Public Health Insurance) is all you need for your new life in Germany.

Like all Expatrio products, everything can be secured online while you are still in your home country!

  • Blocked Account with €49 cashback after you activate your Health Insurance
  • Incoming Insurance is free for up to 92 days. Officially accepted worldwide
  • Germany’s best Public Health Insurance with English-speaking service and bonus program
  • Awarded Private Health Insurance with extensive coverage
  • Free Current Account with globally usable Mastercard, supporting Google and Apple Pay
  • Free ISIC Card gives you access to 150,000 benefits in 130+ countries

Value Package is a special offer tailored by Expatrio’s experts for students that are coming to Germany. The package includes all the services which are needed for a student to get a visa and then come to Germany prepared. Apart from being a holistic offer that takes a lot of burden off the students’ shoulders, the Value Package is also extremely cost-efficient.

Firstly, the Value Package allows you to order everything within only one application. The information you provide once is automatically transferred to all the products that you get. Secondly, by ordering the Value Package you save a lot of money as half of the products come for free. Finally, each of the products included bears own unique benefits.

Value Package includes Blocked Account, Current Account (optional), Health Insurance (Techniker Krankenkasse), Incoming Insurance (DR-WALTER), and ISIC card.

While ordering Expatrio’s Value Package you pay only the Blocked Account monthly fee (€5) and set up fee (€49) as well as Health Insurance fees, which mostly depend on your profile (age, number of children, etc.). The rest of the services comes for free unless you want to extend them for a period that is not covered within the Value Package.

When purchased separately the prices of each item in the Value Package are the following: 
• Blocked Account – €49 set up fee and €5 monthly fee (when you activate your Health Insurance you will receive €49 cashback to reimburse your set up fee)
• Current Account – €4.9 monthly (if you choose Monese)
• Incoming Insurance – €33 monthly
• Health Insurance – around €100 monthly for university students (depending on personal profile)
• ISIC card – €15 set up fee
When you purchase the Value Package you pay only monthly fees for Blocked Account and Health Insurance.

Expatrio is a customer-oriented brand that lives the values of its users and always strives to offer the best solutions tailored to the needs that arise. The Value Package is a perfect example of that. Understanding the needs and problems that students face while moving to Germany, Expatrio created a package that includes a set of services that help to address all the main issues arising during the relocation, while saving students’ money.

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