Winter and summer study tour

Many parents want to let their children win at the starting point and send their children to study abroad to develop their English skills. However, there are hundreds of different kinds of study camps in the market. How to spend money is worth it, and it really makes the children’s English improve and rewarding. Come back full, but you need to compare and choose.

Usually the study tour within 3 months is mostly experience, which can increase the confidence to speak. 3-6 months can effectively improve 1-2 levels, and 6 months to 1 year is enough to reach the intermediate or advanced level of English. If you are a student whose English is not as good as the intermediate level, we recommend that you start with life English, while students above the intermediate level can choose advanced thematic courses such as Cambridge/IELTS/TOEIC/Business English/Academic English according to their learning objectives.

We divide the study tour camps on the market into the following four categories. It is recommended that you choose a study tour mode that suits you according to your learning goals and length of study.

Comparison of Australian study tours

Summer and winter study tours (winter camp, summer camp)Semi-self-service study tourPreparatory Courses for Primary and Secondary SchoolsPublic and private prestigious primary and secondary schools experience camp
Age-appropriate10 to 17 years old16 years old~adult6 years old-17 years old10 years old-17 years old
Visa requiredCourses shorter than three months ETA electronic tourist visaCourses shorter than three months apply for ETA e-tourist visa / apply for student visa for more than three monthsCourses shorter than three months apply for ETA e-tourist visa / apply for student visa for more than three monthsThe course is shorter than three months to apply for an ETA e-tourist visa
Proportion of learning to playStudy 50% + Play 50%Study 80% + play 20%Study 90% + play 10%Study 20% + Experience 40% + Play 40%
Recommended schoolBrisbane ILSC/Shafston Gold Coast BrownsBrisbane ILSC Shafston/ Browns /IH Sydney Ability/ ELC/ Langports Melbourne IMPACT/ SACE/ NavitasBrisbane Shafston/ Browns Gold Coast IMAGINE Sydney MEGA/Times Melbourne Adelaide SACE
advantageThe school fully grasps the schedule of each child, and arranges all class entertainment schedules on behalf of themVery flexible. Classes start every week. Most school courses are divided into morning and evening classes. You can arrange your own itinerary during your spare time.After the children experience 3-6 months of preparatory courses, they will have basic English skills, accelerate their integration into local life, and enhance their self-confidence.Go to local public primary and secondary schools to experience famous school courses, and learn and communicate with local primary and secondary school students
shortcomingMost of the summer camps are joined as a united team. Children of the same language will get together, and the language learning effect is not very significant.If the English level is not good enough, it is difficult to integrate into the environment, and it is not easy to make progress in English

Winter and summer study tour

During the winter and summer vacations, how to arrange for the children is a problem that many parents worry about. Instead of worrying about their children having fun at home during the holidays, and worrying about being unable to take care of their children at work, in addition to cram school, it will be a good choice for children to participate in study tours. . During the study tour, students can not only have lively and interesting English courses with their peers, but also can participate in amusement trips in groups, such as outings together.

Semi-self-service study tour

The so-called semi-self-help study tour is also called DIY study tour. This is a study tour program tailored to the individual, so it is more suitable for students above high school. The agency will recommend and arrange suitable language schools based on the student’s degree, number of weeks and learning needs. Semi-self-service study tours are more flexible. Except that most courses are started every week, students can also arrange their own life outside of class. Whether it is to go shopping in the city for a meal or take a walk in the suburbs, it is very good. Choose~

Preparatory Courses for Primary and Secondary Schools

The purpose of the HSP and PSP is to provide preparatory courses for parents to send their children abroad without worrying about their children entering primary and secondary schools directly, but they cannot keep up with their English ability. In addition to learning English, the content of the secondary school preparatory courses also includes diversified subjects such as art, mathematics, geography, and sports. The elementary school preparatory courses also include English and art games, as well as participation in a number of extracurricular activities.

Primary school preparation course (PSP) reference timetable

High School Preparation Course (HSP) Reference Timetable

Public and private prestigious primary and secondary schools experience camp

The prestigious school experience camp in Australia will take children to the local primary and secondary schools to experience. Children will be able to have lessons with local primary and secondary school students. The subjects of learning are no longer limited to English, but also subjects such as mathematics and science. The learning content will be more Diverse and vivid.

Take Study Central’s self-planned study tour group as an example. We divide the study tour group into elementary and middle school experience camps for children aged 10-16, and high school experience camps for high school students over 16 years old (visiting well-known universities in Australia). In addition, we also arrange weekends Lead the children to visit the Koala Zoo. Also, we will also take everyone to the Gold Coast for a leisurely two-day and one-night trip~

After reading so many introductions about study tours, still don’t know how to choose? Contact Study Central now, we will tailor a perfect study tour plan for you!

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